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A Head Over Heels Blog Series by Josey Stafford

Hello friends and happy whatever day it is that you are reading this! Today we are taking a field trip to the recently renovated Minneapolis Marriott West, actually in St. Louis Park at the corner of 394 and 169 by General Mills, can you picture it? I had the pleasure of chatting with Laura Oeters, one of their Catering Sales Managers, a Marriott certified wedding planner, and a Certified Meeting Professional (that’s an international designation through the Events Industry Council and kind of a big deal) but I will let her explain more about what those fancy titles mean!

Minneapolis Marriott West Wedding
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“That means I have undergone additional training through the Events Industry Council to learn international standards for wedding and event planning and also received additional training through Marriott to learn standards for wedding planning. That included learning international cultural traditions and what different rituals look like for weddings. So that means that anyone who walks through the door, whatever their wedding is going to look like, I am educated and able to really connect with them and plan the wedding of their dreams.

Minneapolis Marriott West Bridal Portrait
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Indian and Jewish, nontraditional and traditional, we can do and have done it all. At the hotel we have had Somalian, Russian, Indian and Jewish weddings, and of course, the more traditional Christian weddings too. The jump the broom ceremony is really fun. It signifies that you’ll always have hurdles to get around or through, and that the two of you are jumping into a new life together. It totally speaks to me and my idea of what a wedding is, because even though you might have to hold hands to get past those hurdles, you should try to land with both feet and always jump through it together.

Minneapolis Marriott West Wedding
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Typically the planning process includes me coordinating the date and time of their ceremony and reception, an on-site tour, sending proposals and then getting contracts signed.” Laura is there as a wedding coordinator during the day, and you guys this is for real. She will create a timeline around any events happening at the hotel (including the rehearsal dinner!) and coordinates all vendor arrival and setup.

The hotel does provide an 11 person shuttle within a 5 miles radius of the hotel, which would be ideal for transporting the wedding party to and from an off site ceremony location, or for guests wanting to shop at Ridgedale and West End… in case they forgot to bring their wedding gift!?

Minneapolis Marriott West Wedding
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“When you book your reception with us you’ll automatically get a suite for you and your fiancé to use on your wedding night. Get 10 room nights blocked and we’ll give you a second night in the suite! And 20 room nights blocked gives you a transportation credit with Cities Taxi – 2 hours free for your wedding guests.”

Just doing a room block? It’s practically the same, you get those same benefits, just once you hit 10 nights you get a complimentary suite for your wedding night! Wow-e-momma. And let me clarify rooms nights means 1 room per night, so think about your guests staying the weekend, that’s three room nights blocked. Did I just make it more confusing? Call Laura to set up your wedding room block and and get clarification (952)769-8991.

Minneapolis Marriott West Wedding
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Rehearsal dinners are also great at the hotel, you could have the rehearsal in the ballroom (if your ceremony is on-site) or it could be in a conference room (if your ceremony is off site) with no room rental charge, just a food and beverage minimum, price dependent on the season. That means all your guests can imbibe safely the day before and the day of your wedding, having their hotel room on site and just a hotel elevator’s ride away. Safety first friends, safety first.

Kip’s is the Irish pub attached to the hotel and that is also a great place for a rehearsal dinner, private dining spaces are available if you still want that intimate feel. Up to 80 guests can be accommodated, and you’d really have to have a large wedding party to get to 80!

Laura’s got a delicious sample groom’s dinner menu, for you to check out:

groom's dinner menu from Kip's Irish pub
And there’s still more… “We have two really unique spaces that you’ve got to know about:

1) The Concierge Lounge. Located on the 7th (top) floor. The lounge is available for renting out Friday afternoons through and Sunday mornings, outside food and beverage are allowed and all guests have access already on their key card. This would be a great place for gift opening on Sunday or for getting ready on Saturday. There is one big wall with all windows, which means lots of natural light. GALS: You are going to love natural light while getting ready and having pictures taken of you and your wedding party. The room comes outfitted with TVs and a fridge… for keeping adult beverages cold.

2) We also have corner suites, on the 2nd, 4th and 6th floor the suites have balconies, which is amazing. But the 2nd floor balcony actually adjoins all the way across to the other corner suite, meaning you’ve got a whole lot of outdoor space.”

Laura’s suggestion is to have both sets of parents snag those rooms on the 2nd floor. Giving you space for family to convene, privately, and outside food and beverage is allowed. Count me in!

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If you’d like more information about Minneapolis Marriott West at your future event you can find Laura on their Website, and on Facebook.

Tell me, do you have any other questions? About room blocks or intimate hotel ceremonies leave them below! If you know of someone looking for a wedding venue, or room block for their event… tell them about Minneapolis Marriott West!

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