Rachel Kathleen Photography

Oh Hey!
I’m Rachel, and I love making people smile. I’m a small-town girl who believes in spreading P O S I T I V I T Y everywhere I go!
Born in Minneapolis & raised in Northern MN, I’m a vivacious, curly-haired ginger (usually in a half-pony or top-knot), who’s known for being a girly tom-boy! I LOVE eating french fries dipped in ranch – #givemeallthedippingsauces, but a delicious, organic, green smoothie is my jam, too! After all, it’s called balance, right?!

My love language is coffee, and hosting a monthly brunch club alongside my girlfriends; because I believe we all crave connection!
I currently live in the cozy suburbs of Maple Grove, Minnesota with my darling, little 3-year-old daughter, Clementine!

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