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Effie’s Bridal Trunk

1715 County Road 42 West Burnsville, MN 55306

Effie’s Bridal Trunk

We believe your wedding is not just another event – it’s an expression of you. We carry a unique selection of designers that would give the Effie Bride choices that suit her personality and individual taste. We have a wide variety of gowns, bridal party dresses, accessories and more! Bridal Gowns | BridesmaidGowns | Mother of the OccasionFlower Girl

The Effie’s Experience

Relaxed sophistication, from the moment you walk through Effie’s doors – we want you to feel comfortable, yet pampered. Our attentive and knowledgeable consultants will give you the attention you deserve on this memorable day. We believe it is the little things that matter most and would love to help make your dress shopping experience unforgettable!

Pink Parlor Room

Where every girl can have her “moment” celebrating one of her biggest decisions – the dress. A beautifully decorated private parlor – wall to wall mirrors, runway, and champagne toasts to celebrate one of the most memorable moments in a girl’s life.

The Appointment

Our number one goal is to assist you in finding “the one”. We want you to have an exciting and memorable experience with us! We are here to help you find what some may say will be the most exciting dress you will ever wear!

We highly recommend an appointment – just so we can guarantee you will have our full attention from the moment you walk through the door.

We would hate to have you wait for a dressing room and stylist! We will have a pair of heels, strapless bra, and a robe for you to use during your appointment – but feel free to bring your own!

We encourage you to bring those who you are closest with and those whose opinion you value the most. They will play a big role in helping you find “the one”.
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21 thoughts on “Effie’s Bridal Trunk

  • Brittany

    01, June,2016 4 years ago

    I said yes to the dress!!!

    I had an amazing experience at Effie’s! They have the largest selection of designers and styles, and the atmosphere is relaxed sophistication, just like they say. From the moment you walk in, you feel at home. You get to wear comfy slippers while you walk around the store and they pop champagne for you and your guests when you say yes to the dress! My consultant, Sara, was so nice and helpful, never pushy. With a short engagement, I needed a dress shipped ASAP. She made sure to get me the one dress the designer had in stock nationwide in my size. She picked out the perfect veil to match my dress too! I’m so glad I said yes to the dress at Effie’s!

  • Ashley

    06, June,2016 4 years ago

    One of a kind!

    Effies bridal is a one of kind bridal shop! I have nothing but good things to say about this store. All the employees are extremely nice and answer any question you may have. I went to 4 different shops before Effies and they blew me away, the experience was so wonderful! I said Yes to the Dress at Effies and they pour you a glass of champagne when you do for you and whoever may be with you. I would recommend to anyone looking for a wedding dress. I definitely plan on going there to look for my bridesmaid dresses!!!

  • Brittany

    13, June,2016 3 years ago


    My mom does alterations for Effies so I of course did not have a choice but to go there. Sarah the manager and Paula the owner are awesome! They are professional and willing to work with you and find your dream dress.

  • Meghan

    27, June,2016 3 years ago

    I'm very happy to an Effie's bride!

    I went to Effie’s for my bridal gown and for the bridesmaid dresses. Both experience were fabulous and Effie’s went above and beyond. They took the time to make sure I was happy with the decisions as the bride and to ensure I left feeling comfortable. When they couldn’t get the jacket I wanted in time, Paula was able to sell one of the samples which turned out really great after alterations. I couldn’t be more happy with the customer service, selection, and overall experience at Effie’s.

  • Emily

    18, July,2016 3 years ago

    Effie's team was great at making it happen!

    I was on a short engagement with a rush schedule, and Effie’s was so accommodating to finding me dresses they knew they could get in time, and recommending a great seamstress for quick and solid alterations. They had a great selection of all the designers I liked, and were really great about reminding me to pick the dress I loved and felt comfortable in — even when I wondered about what others might think. In the end, I think my dress got the most compliments!

  • Natalie

    29, July,2016 3 years ago

    They truly cared about me and my ideas for the day!

    I went to over 5 different shops and I had the best services at Effie’s. They were great at answering questions and coordinating all of my out of state bridesmaid orders. Great selection! Thank you Sarah for truly making me feel like a bride and dealing with my particular family!

  • Private User

    22, August,2016 3 years ago

    I loved it here! I had a great experience!

    The ladies were super helpful and patient, the shop was set up nicely so each bridal party had its own space, and their prices were hundreds of dollars less than some of the exact same dresses in different shops.

  • Megan

    07, September,2016 3 years ago

    I HIGHLY recommend Effie's

    Shopping for my wedding dress was an experience I will never forget! The staff at Effie’s are incredible and you feel so special from the moment you walk in the door! The time and attention to my orders (my dress and bridesmaids) was outstanding- especially for an out-of-state bride!!– the perfect shop for ALL your wedding attire!!

  • Anonymous

    20, September,2016 3 years ago

    I loved my experience at Effie's!

    The dresses were all so unique and beautiful! My consultant let me pick dresses I wanted to try on and she was so helpful with suggestions if I asked. We also picked out brides maids dresses there and we had a great time. I never felt rushed to make a decision. They were great!! I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else to find a dress!

  • Hannah

    04, October,2016 3 years ago

    Jordan was absolutely fantastic.

    You answered my millions of questions and were so helpful getting me into all the dresses, taking away the ones I didn’t like, and gave me your opinion! I can’t imagine going to another Bridal shop for Bridal gowns after working with you!! I would absolutely recommend your shop to anyone needing a dress! The dress I got is so beautiful and I can’t wait to wear it next July!!! Thanks again for your time and patience with me!!!

  • Sheena

    26, October,2016 3 years ago

    I had a GREAT experience at Effies!

    I worked with Avery and she was AMAZING! Made me feel comfortable, welcomed, and had great patience and did not make me feel like I was rushed which I know can be very common. She knew the right questions to ask and was overall amazing! I also want to recognize one of the managers, however I cannot recall her name at this time. But she helped me and was very nice when I decided to change the size on my wedding dress. She didn’t try to persuade me and went out of her way to get the size changed to what I wanted. You have GREAT staff and I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone. The ONLY downfall I could think of was how packed it was with people everywhere and dresses it was hard to get around or any of the dresses I wanted to try on were already grabbed by other brides. So maybe just a bigger store to move around and be able to find dresses easier. Other than that it was great!! Keep up the good work!

  • Emily

    10, November,2016 3 years ago

    We had a BLAST!

    I had an amazing time shopping with Darby! She really listened to what I liked /didn’t like and was tons of fun along the way. She even made me a mimosa when the restaurant we tried to grab some at before we came in was too slow. I will definitely be recommending your shop to any if my girlfriends that get engaged.

  • Eileen

    16, November,2016 3 years ago

    Over the top!

    Loved the shop, the experience and service!! Darby was really
    helpful, friendly, honest, and professional. I can’t say enough….. thank you SO much.

  • Kimmy

    22, November,2016 3 years ago

    Overall wonderful and happy with my dress!!

    I had an amazing experience on Saturday with my consultant Erica Andreasen. I had a 2:30 appointment on Saturday with a group of 7 and then myself. She was very accommodating to my group and very patient with my 6 year old niece. Erica was awesome at pulling the dresses my family wanted to see, the dresses I wanted to see and also pulling dresses I described or that she thought I would like. She picked the perfect belt for the dress I choose. In addition I had terrible allergies that day and she went above and beyond to get me tissues and water.

  • Loriene

    19, December,2016 3 years ago

    Thanks for a great experience.

    I had a wonderful appointment and especially appreciate my consultant (Darby?) and her sister for staying open a little later so I could make a decision about my dress! I wasn’t planning on getting my wedding dress found what I was looking for after trying on 10+ gowns. Fantastic fashion-forward selection.

  • Rhonda

    09, January,2017 3 years ago

    Thank you for making my day amazing!

    I went to many Bridal shops and by far my experience at Effie’s was the best hands down. Erica was amazing. I brought my huge family and she wasn’t phased at all. We had a couple communication issues with the price. I never went home with the price sheet only a spoken price. I think a 6 was accidentally turned into a zero which made a huge difference on the price. Erica went out of her way to help get the price closer to my budget. I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience!

  • Megan

    26, January,2017 3 years ago

    I couldn't have asked for a better experience

    Beth was thoughtful, kind, helpful, energetic, and gave just the right amount of time and space for me to decide on different dresses. She gave helpful ideas to enhance the dresses as well. The staff at Effie’s Bridal Trunk is absolutely awesome! I cannot thank you enough!

  • Allison

    06, June,2017 3 years ago

    Would recommend to any bride!!

    I had scheduled some appointments at different bridal stores before I went to Effie’s. I cancelled my other appointments at the other stores because I said yes to the dress at Effie’s! They had so many styles and prices to choose from! The have an amazing staff and each one of them is very knowledgable on designs, sizes, etc. I left feeling confident about my dress choice!

  • Katie

    26, June,2017 2 years ago

    I'd recommend the store to anyone!

    Just wanted to let you know that I had an amazing experience at Effie’s! My group was pretty big (8 people) and the salon and staff were very accommodating so everyone was comfortable. My consultant was very helpful and knowledgeable about dresses and listened to my feedback on each one. When I found my dress, everyone was able to go celebrity in the Pink Parlor Room and that was awesome too. It was overall an amazing experience.

  • Amanda

    10, July,2017 2 years ago

    Bridal Nightmare

    Last summer I found my dream dress at Effie’s. Unfortunately everything that happened after that was a nightmare. I was told my dress would take up to six moths to come in, in fact I specifically asked the girl who was helping me if she has ever had a dress take longer than six months and she said no, never. I waited six months and didn’t hear from them so I called them. They also never called me when my veil came in even though I had specifically asked them to, but little did I know my veil was the least of my problems. It took three phone calls to get any information before I was finally told my dress had been delayed and would be here a month before my wedding. It’s a good thing I ordered earlier than they recommended. I was given a ship date and was told it would for sure be there that day and I could come pick it up, but if for some reason it didn’t come in that day they would call me. I showed up to pick up my dress and they still didn’t have it and the girl working that day had no idea I was even coming. The finally got my dress the next week and when I tried it on for the first time it was so tight in the hips it almost didn’t zip. I was in tears as the manager took my measurements again. My bust and waist measurements were the exact same as the day I ordered the dress however my hip measurement was five inches bigger than what the girl had written down. They told me I must have gained weight which is not only rude but a complete lie. Gaining five inches only in your hips is physically impossible. Clearly a mistake was made and they chose to blame me instead of taking responsibility for their employee’s mistake. They had every opportunity to make it right and instead they gave me a 5% discount and told me to take it or leave it. I asked to speak to the owner who refused to take my phone call or call me back. I had to deal with the manager who is unprofessional, rude, inexperienced, argumentative and really just terrible at her job. They refused to acknowledge or even apologize for any of the many mistakes they made and I was left less than a month before my wedding with a dress that I couldn’t even sit down in. This is a terrible shop run by awful people who don’t care about their customers once they have your money. They have no business selling $3000 wedding gowns to trusting brides. I would recommend avoiding Effie’s at all costs, it’s not worth the risk of ordering from a shop like this.

  • Ashley

    25, July,2017 2 years ago

    Exceeded my expectations

    I had an AMAZING time at Effie’s Bridal Trunk. The young woman helping me, Beth, was so sweet and went above and beyond what I was expecting.

    I tried on a champagne colored dress and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to order it in champagne or ivory, so she grabbed an ivory dress and laid it under the lace to show my party and me what the ivory would look like. My mom was very impressed at her creative thinking and her willingness to help us out. I am very happy with my experience and I would love it if you can relay this message to the worker who helped me.


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