Birchwood Cafe

3311 East 25th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406, USA

Birchwood Cafe

At Birchwood Cafe, we know that where your food comes from is just as important to you as how it looks and tastes. We source our ingredients from local, organic farms that use sustainable practices and support our mission for well-being for the entire system. Serve your family and friends something both their stomachs and hearts will be happy about. Offering options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, appetizers, dessert, non-alcoholic drinks, and pre/post day services. Book or inquire about Birchwood Cafe through Perfect Wedding Guide or through our website.


One thought on “Birchwood Cafe

  • Jerard

    10, September,2018 1 year ago

    A perfect wedding partner

    Throughout our wedding planning, Jimmy and the Birchwood felt like a resource and a partner. Not only are they extremely experienced in the needs and traditions of wedding catering, they’re very caring and detail-oriented individuals. They will anticipate your needs before you voice them and overachieve in meeting your expectations.


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