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Show by show we aim to continually improve and to keep our efforts people centered. We will continue to prove time and again why hiring Ambient Entertainment is the best decision you could make when planning your events. While Ambient never plans to become a large DJ corporation sending 50 DJ’s a weekend out to your unique, varied, and individual events, we do however strive to serve as the highest quality DJ service provider in the Twin Cities region.

With a constant focus on you, and a true dedication to excellence in even the most minute details of your event, you’ll find that working with Ambient Entertainment is easy, and fun while constantly inspiring confidence. Our thorough dedication to assisting you every step of the way as you craft your perfect event will help you find that the team at Ambient Entertainment is with you for the whole ride. We hope that our passion inspires, and excites you as your special day unfolds.


Adrian A. Quilling

Hello! I am Adrian A. Quilling, founder of Ambient Entertainment LLC a mid-western DJ and Emcee company. I got my start in the DJ business as early as my childhood. I have always been known as a music aficionado and took pride in discovering the newest hits before others heard them and even before the radio would play them. It was this passion for music that prompted my first “gig”.

While still in high school I was asked to DJ my neighbors wedding, so I grabbed my boombox and jumped at the chance! I immediately fell in love with the business. And the story goes on from there, I was roped into a big mass production DJ company by a couple friends and served as a Master of Ceremonies for years. During my time with this large DJ company two valuable things happened for me: I honed and refined my Emcee and DJ abilities through years of back to back shows, and I learned that I would never enjoy being a bland cog in the machine. Every event, specifically weddings, are so unique, varied and individual that I could never understand hiring a large company and not knowing or building a relationship with your DJ until he or she arrives. I am working to fight against that and craft a company that will be with you every step of the way. We will always focus on quality of service over quantity of service here at Ambient. From my memories of each and every event I have fallen in love with this line of work, and I believe that it takes passion to inspire passion. I never want to be “the guy who DJ’d my wedding” to you, I want to be “Adrian, the man who helped give us the best night of our life”!

For all your event needs Ambient Entertainment will be here. I personally plan to keep DJing for years to come, because you know what they say?  – “If you love what you do, then you’ll have never worked a day in your life.”

Zach Sames

Hi! My name is Zach Sames & I am the General Manager of Ambient Entertainment. From a young age I have loved music of all types. In college my best friend worked for a large DJ company, and I loved hearing about his work. I interviewed with one of the large companies in town (which actually turned out the be the direct competitor of the company Adrian worked for,) and started the best career I could imagine! There is something magical about a wedding, and the energy from a packed dance floor is second to none! I worked for several years as a DJ and Master of Ceremonies for weddings and all kinds of events; I even got to meet celebrities while DJing nightclubs. I loved the work, but something kept nagging at me, it wasn’t personal. Often, I didn’t meet the couple I was DJ’ing for until I showed up at the event. I joined Ambient Entertainment because I wanted to work with clients on a more personal level. Instead of just showing up, I now get to build relationships and get to know who I work with and work for. I love working creatively with clients to bring their dreams to life! The night is yours, and I want it to be your version of perfect! I aim to not only be the guide to realizing your perfect evening, but also the friend who helps you through it! Let’s make your dreams happen!

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