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A Head Over Heels Blog Series by Josey Stafford

Ordinarily I am not one to brag, but we all know that’s probably a facetious statement. Being the only child of two loving and adoring parents, I am no stranger to attention, particularly the center of it. But for the first blog in a new series, authored by myself, I thought it only fitting to submit to you, my dear audience, a short and brief, but incredibly informative introduction. So… hello.

I’ll let my clients tell you how great I am, the images on my website speak to how my aesthetic melds with the Minneapolis wedding scene, and if you want to gauge my personality – just check out my Instagram (@sixpenceeventsmn). No, instead of talking about myself, as though you are an extended family member whom I haven’t seen since the last reunion, I will instead explain the origin of my business name and why you should care.

Getting married in Minnesota, need a wedding planner or day of coordinator

We all know about the antiquated, yet charming, tradition of ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’. In my experience this is the perfect opportunity to introduce a family heirloom or a personal item that holds particular meaning. What we don’t all recall is the last line of that poem: ‘…and a sixpence in her shoe.’

Great, what’s a sixpence, and will it contribute to blisters if I put it in my shoe?

A sixpence, the current equivalent of about 2 cents, is an old British coin no longer in mint. Tradition holds that the bride’s father would give the small coin to his daughter before her wedding date. Like most wedding rituals the coin should bring something to the new couple, or ward off evil, or protect the bride’s innocence. A sixpence, in one’s shoe, brings the newly united couple prosperity, love and happiness. And who wouldn’t want a prosperous, bliss filled, fun marriage?

wedding traditions sixpence in her shoe, wedding planner

Thus Sixpence Events is borne, a wedding business engineered to bring you and yours such virtues that will make your wedding stress free but also your life a lovely one. The Sixpence brand hovers around this well-wishing wedding tradition and is a perfect pairing with this blog post to be: Getting Married in Minnesota.

Twin Cities Wedding Association (TCWA) is a great resource of similarly well-wishing, well-performing vendors. TCWA is known in the industry for their bridal shows, a production one must attend when planning a wedding, and as a trusted and reliable source for brides and grooms searching for wedding professionals. As a member of TCBA and the owner of an event planning business I need TCWA, because I need to know vendors. I need to know their style, their work ethic, their products and their services.

I need to know them for the same reason you do – so that I know just what kind of bang you get for your buck. I hope that by embarking on this awesome journey we can, together, learn about your wedding vendors here in Minnesota and maybe you’ll even invite them to be a part of your wedding day, even if it isn’t in Minnesota.

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So cheers, and happy reading, I’ll see you every week, you bring the coffee and I’ll bring the vendors!

Next week on Getting Married in Minnesota, Meet Enticing Icing.

If you’d like more information about my business Sixpence Events & Planning, and need wedding planning tips, you can find me on my Website, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter and on Pinterest. Don’t you just LOVE the graphics for this blog? If you are looking for a custom design for you wedding, or are a vendor looking to jazz up your branding and marketing, Check out Stylemark Media. Easy to work with, creative, and, clearly, delivers a product you’ll love!

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Prosperity, Love & Happiness,

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