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Earle Brown Heritage Center

Earle Brown isn’t just a bright red barn venue. With an in house caterer, multiple buildings, and on site parking, Earle Brown can accommodate any wedding size.

Kristina Designz | Watercolor Stationery

Kristina couldn’t help but gush about Nick and Lexi, about how they didn’t try so hard to be matchy, to be trendy, or to be something they’re not.

Tips for Grooms from Grooms

I was a bride, but I relate the most with whichever person has both hands on the wheel and is really steering the planning process. However, I completely understand that there is a different perspective in this whole wedding stuff that I might not have. Therefore I've brought in reinforcements for all you gentleman. Ben [...]

To rent or to own: thoughtful groomswear

While it may seem as though the amount of decisions a groom has to decide is less than those of a bride, that just plain isn’t true. Especially when there are two grooms and no bride. But one decision that often gets associated with men and their wedding: groomswear. It must be the most common […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Just Cuz

Today we are meeting Just Cuz and it’s owner Ashley Hamble Pederson. I’ve asked Kelly Reeves Photography if we can borrow a few photos for this post, so you’ll have pretty pictures to look at in between all that I have learned about this bridal beauty salon. Just Cuz is located in Stillwater in the […]

Ben + David

It’s an age old story, Ben and David met through mutual friends. They like to think that they were just in the right place at the right time, but as they tell me their story it’s pretty evident that Ben was made for David, and David for Ben. The night they met, before they even […]

Planning your Same Sex Wedding

First things first, and per the advice of Jove Meyer, your same sex wedding technically is just a wedding. Because we don’t say ‘How to plan your heterosexual wedding’. We just don’t. So before we harp on your wedding being a ‘unicorn’ wedding, I just want to emphasize that you and your fiancé opting to […]

15 Weather Resistant Bridal Updos

There are so any details when it comes to planning your wedding. Where will Aunt Sue sit? Who is making toasts? What time should the guest shuttle depart the hotel? And those questions don’t even have to do with you! Let’s focus for a moment on you. Specifically your bridal updo for the day. Perhaps […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Rosehenge Hall

Fab! Weddings is a crowd pleaser, just read any one of their thank you cards on the testimonial page of their website. Thank you for doing a fabulous job on our wedding ceremony! We felt so relaxed through the ceremony in part from your humor! You did such a great job and we would recommend […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Cindyrella’s Wedding Garden

Outdoor ceremonies are quickly becoming a Minnesota wedding staple. Whether it’s at a park, by the lake, or in a garden, couples are opting to move their ceremony to the great outdoors for a picture perfect start to their marriage. Cindyrella’s Wedding Garden is one such wedding ceremony venue that brings together all of those […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Glenhaven Hall & Garden

I want to introduce you to Glenhaven Hall & Garden. One of three Fab! Weddings event venues. Glenhaven is a rustic log building, with all inclusive amenities, and an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception space which can accommodate up to 300 guests. George, the Chief Joy Officer, explained it all to me, and I can’t help but feel […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Kake Kreations by Kathy

Today I’d like to introduce you all to Kathy and her delicious cakes… kakes. If it’s one thing I’m fairly certain after interviewing her, it’s that Kathy’s price can’t be beat. Like any good business these days, she offers personalized service for all her brides and grooms. That means you dictate the kind of cake […]

15 Things You Should Do at the Wedding Fair

It’s that time of year again, when wedding fairs are numerous, when everyone gets engaged… it’s time for you to start planning your wedding. Here are 15 Things You Should Do at The Minneapolis Wedding Fair: Mark your parking spot Because after you leave this marathon of a wedding event, you might be disoriented! Downtown […]

Planning a Kid Friendly Wedding

It’s not always easy to avoid inviting kids to your wedding, and when you have kids of your own it’s pretty much impossible. How can you say to your sister, ‘we want it to be an adult only wedding’, and then have your daughter be the flower girl? Janna and Charlie decided to skip the […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Gale Woods Farm

You may have noticed my last few posts have really highlight Minnesota wedding venues that all belong to the same family, Three Rivers Park District. It’s on purpose, of course, because I really think that more brides and more grooms should take advantage of these properties, sprinkled around the Twin Cities, with perfect spaces for […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Wedding Fair

Sundays. For most, Sunday is a day of leisure, it’s your day off and you likely want to spend it spending your money. Right?! Either heading out to brunch or going shopping. But let me entice you to spend your Sunday at a wedding fair, planning on how you’re going to spend your money. After […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Silverwood Park

Getting married at a park can be one of the best decisions you ever make. Booking a Minnesota garden or pavilion as your ceremony site means your guests will be forced to enjoy the great outdoors and your pictures are going to be amazing. When venturing outside for your nuptials, a venue like Silverwood Park […]

The Fairy Godmother Project

The Fairy Godmother Project was founded by a likely pair: a photographer and a florist. Likely because as a photographer and as a florist they already felt as though they were making dreams come true; by capturing the moments of the best day of your life and by enhancing your wedding with flowers. Amy Coppersmith and Terri Uy-Lennon […]

Why You Should Hire a Ceremony Musician

There’s something that happens to the atmosphere when you add live music. Your event becomes more inviting, people start to feel fancier, and, personally, I have a hard time not feeling the love. There are of course a few practical reasons to opt for live music, and either way you decide to lean, I know […]

How to Make a Wedding Photos Must Have List

Can you believe you’re about to get married!? I am sure you are feeling swirls of excitement, agonizing anxiety (‘what am I forgetting?’), and sheer terror that nothing will go as planned. Amongst all of that is a worry that you won’t get the images that you want and that your fiancé will not be […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Hyland Hills Ski Chalet

Ski lovers in the Twin Cities are already quite acquainted with Hyland Hills Ski Chalet, but did you know this venue is home to some incredible wedding receptions and ceremonies as well? With a view of the Minneapolis cityscape from the top of the ski hill, soaring ceilings in the Alpine room and expansive windows, […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Dishing with My Daughter

Your newly engaged and we all couldn’t be more excited for you! Perhaps you are thinking about the kind of wife you want to be and the sort of life you want to live. You are whipping everything in your life into shape, your triceps (strapless dress ya’ll!), your diet, and your housewares wish list. […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Mark Fierst Photography

Beer over wine. Carnivore over herbivore. Funny over serious. Sarcastic over boring. Butter over margarine. Chicago over New York. Star Wars over Star Trek. City over country. Pie over cake. Starbucks over Caribou. Instagram over Facebook. Movies over books. Fall over spring. Bacon over everything. This isn’t a dating ad, and, no, I’m not describing […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | 10 Basic Signature Cocktails

This week I wanted to give you something good. Something that you can read, like, share AND print. Here are 10 basic signature cocktail ideas and one printable freebie, crowd pleasing and easy on the budget! Here are 10 basic signature cocktail ideas. You can toss in a garnish or a splash of something extra to […]

How to Confirm Your Wedding Vendors

Nothing beats talking to a person, a real life, real time conversation. Research states “email is only 7 percent as effective as talking.” 7%!? I may not know you personally, but I know that you care more than seven percent about your wedding. You want it to be perfect, to be executed seamlessly and to […]

Why You Should Have an Intimate Wedding Ceremony

A wedding includes a sincere ceremony and a slightly more rowdy reception, sometimes that ceremony includes flower girls and jumping the broom, blessings and poetry. How ever you decide to commit your lives to one another, whether it takes 10 minutes, an hour or two days, I’d like to make a compelling argument for making […]

10 Ways to Splurge on Your Winter Wedding

A Minnesota wedding can be a tricky event to manage, but only because of the cold. To be honest, I think more couples should opt for a winter wedding, they can be terribly pretty and wonderfully intimate. Before you embark on booking vendors for your winter wedding check out these 10 ways to splurge and […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Ames Farm Wedding Favors

Looking for a great way to send your guests home, after they’ve danced their feet off, stuffed their face full of cake, and watched you get married? No need to wrack your brain any longer, Ames Farm has just the thing: honey favors that are sure to please. They have seasonal color palettes for their […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Bridal Aisle Off the Rack Boutique and Consignment

You may have heard of Bridal Aisle before, because maybe you bought a bridesmaid dress (or even a prom dress) from them. But things are changing! A new focus on off the rack dresses is sure to please your budget, without compromising your vision. It’s not a warehouse, but they are a bit bigger than a […]

10 Ways to Splurge on Your Wedding

I’d love for you to have all the money you need for your wedding, without a care in the world about budgets, but if that isn’t the case heed my advice and opt to prioritize the following 10 ways to splurge on your wedding. Servers. Trying to save money by opting for a more economical […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | 1197 Grand Opening!

Gentlemen, open your ears and get ready to check off your wedding to-do list in one stop. 1197 Grand is an on-trend menswear house specializing in formalwear, rentals, ready-wear, and men’s gifts. From informal to black-tie attire, that means all you have to do to get ready for the wedding is pop into the store with […]

8 Must have Summer Wedding Trends

Can’t you hear the wedding bells ringing off and afar in the background? Just me? Well, either way I’ve got some great inspiration for the bride looking for a trendy wedding, and I mean trending right now. Not just specific to Minnesota summer weddings, and sure to catch the eye of even those looking for […]

3 Reasons Why You Don’t Need a Large Dance Floor

Are you worried that the small space for dancing provided by your wedding reception venue will just not be big enough to ‘bring down the house’? I get it, I actually get asked the question often when touring Minnesota wedding venues with clients, ‘…but where will we dance? Is that even enough space?’ While I […]

The Significance of The Unity Candle Ceremony

A ceremony in the wedding ceremony is a nice way to bring meaning to your vows, to include your family in the whole process and to allow for an instrumental interlude. While there are different times to light the candles, different amounts of candles to be lit, and different persons lighting the candle, it all […]

Blushing Bride: Pink for Adults

I know a lot of girls whose favorite color is pink. And they aren’t shy about it. Pink shoes, pink dress, pink lipstick, pink plastic jellies, pink EVERYTHING. But there comes a time when we have to grow up. Kind of. I mean there’s an adult way to add pink to your wedding, and it […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Minneapolis Marriott West

Hello friends and happy whatever day it is that you are reading this! Today we are taking a field trip to the recently renovated Minneapolis Marriott West, actually in St. Louis Park at the corner of 394 and 169 by General Mills, can you picture it? I had the pleasure of chatting with Laura Oeters, one […]

Piggy Back Rides and a Boutonniere Surprise // Real Wedding Alex + Jenna

A day filled with October sunshine, music, and oh so much love. It’s hard to scroll quickly through the adorable details of this wedding day. Like the cutest ring bearer to ever wear a bow tie and suspenders. Bridal portraits that are utterly pinnable. Even the head table will make you rethink how you can […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet the Landing

Here in Minnesota we are awfully lucky, because we have snow, at least until global warming kicks into full effect or the current ice age is officially over (whichever you believe is most true). SNOW? Seriously. Snow. It gives us breathtaking wedding photos and budget friendly venues (see off season rates) but it also makes […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Premier Transportation

      This week I’ve got the help of Nicole French to give you all some much needed advice on how to get the transportation you need for you and your fiancé, your bridal party, and all of the guests that want to properly imbibe at your wedding. Nicole is the Vice President of […]

A Backyard Wedding, an Eldorado and a Cat // Real Wedding Dana + Carl

Am I a fan of vintage cars as a getaway vehicle for newly married couples?  I SURE AM! And this wedding, Dana + Carl’s, as captured by K. Solberg Photography, it features a great getaway car and an adorable backyard wedding, one that no one is quick to want to get away from… I walked […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Lake Elmo Inn Event Center

Hey friends! This week we are traveling to Lake Elmo Inn Event Center and just in time for their 10th birthday. Yay! Happy birthday! This venue has a great perk, it started as just one location, the restaurant. That means the food is top notch. Buying a second location allowed them to do large party events with […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Life and Art Photography

Everybody meet Laura Landin. Laura is the lead photographer of Life & Art Photography and happens to have just gotten married last fall. Talk about relatable! Her husband owns the business with her, which is totally swoon-worthy. Starting the business solo, and then bringing on her husband (then boyfriend) as a second shooter and for behind the scenes, […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Paper Paragon

Hey friends! This week I have a great treat for you — paper. I think paper is traditionally the first anniversary gift, but before we get that far into your life as a married couple let’s start with your engagement. You said I do when he (or she) popped the question and now your mom […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Memories in Time Photography

This week we talk with Cara owner of Memories in Time Photography, a photographer who loves to laugh and can’t wait to make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale! Growing up in Michigan may give Cara an unfair advantage because that means she already knows what it’s like to branch out and explore. Read […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Bel Fiore

Hey friends! This week I wanted you to get to know a florist, one who wows and befuddles me like I’ve never seen a flower before. And perhaps you’ll feel your socks getting knocked right off too! If you are in need of bridal bouquet inspiration, look no further. Say hello to Jasmine with Bel […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Start at The Wedding Fair

Hey friends! I know you are thinking… What in the world am I going to do this weekend, it’s so cold and all I want to do is jump start my wedding planning process Enter The Wedding Fair. Sunday March 19th, at the Minneapolis Convention Center (easy to find) from 11A – 4P (easy to […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Your 2017 Top Videographers

Lights, camera, action! Cheesy or not the curtain has closed and after this year’s Minnesota Wedding Video Awards Ceremony last Saturday I am so happy to introduce you to Minnesota’s best videographers. Best Aerial – Flight Productions Best Rustic Wedding – Northern Lights Video Most Unique Wedding – Corwin Films Best use of Audio Narration- […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Minnesota Wedding Video Awards

The Minnesota Wedding Video Awards are fast approaching, March 4th, 2017. And after you get your tickets, share the news on Facebook, perhaps you also want to see who’s submitted, and who you can expect to see the awards ceremony. Here’s the official list of videographers who have submitted videos for the 2017 Minnesota Wedding Video […]

10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Videographer

You might be thinking – “A video of my wedding! Great, more things to spend my money on.” Woah. What’s with the ‘tude dude? Before you jump the gun and ask about costs, let’s talk about the value. Because there is so much to be had when you hire a wedding videographer, and then invite them […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Lisa MGirard

Are you newly engaged? If so, my friend, then congratulations! I am betting that you couldn’t be more excited to delve into the world of wedding planning, and I know this blog series will help you along the way. Best place to start? Besides finding a Minnesota venue and setting a date… hiring a Minneapolis based photographer. […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Jewel Tone Wedding Inspiration

[social_warfare] Hello friends!! This week is all about inspiration, so get ready to relish in jewel toned florals and jewelry, enough to make me order myself an early birthday present! My favorite parts? Gold painted seeded eucalyptus, ALWAYS a fan of seeded eucalyptus; a gentle ombre for the bride’s hair; sneaking succulents into bridal bouquets; […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet JenMar Creations

Hey friends! You know what’s even better than being in business for yourself? Being in business with your sister! Well, to be honest I have no idea, because I am an only child, which means the idea of sharing anything with anyone — well, that seems dumb. But for Jenny and Mary, sisters who finish one another’s […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Kristina Designz

Hey friends! This week I am talking with a huge behind the scenes celebrity!! Today we are chatting with Kristina the graphic designer behind the billboards we’ve all seen advertising the Wedding Fair, if you’ve started the search for Minneapolis wedding vendors, then you’ve probably seen her work. Just in case, click here. For three years […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Bridgeman’s Ice Cream

Hey friends! This week I am going to stuff my face full of ice cream and tell you how good it tastes. And you will be so jealous that you’ll want to schedule a tasting with Bridgeman’s Ice Cream… immediately. I’ve also got 3 wedding dessert station ideas that are share-worthy, that means you should […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet The Wedding Collective

Hello friends! This week I want to introduce you to a one stop shopping service… this wedding planning collective is able to refer you to individual talented people. Think one company that you can book with that has a LOT of local vendors that you need for your wedding. They match you (a bride or a groom) […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Mahonen Photography

Hey friends! About to lay some #realtalk on you. Images have become, like, a sincerely integral part of our lives, social media has made sure of that. But a wedding photographer has always been an integral part of our weddings. Regardless of your guest list, your wedding part size, no matter if you are getting […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Courtyard Minneapolis

Hello friendly friends! ‘Tis the season for holiday get togethers and seasonal parties and therefore this post is multi-purposeful. 1. Tell you all about a great Minneapolis hotel wedding venue and 2. in order to extend an invitation for a winter open house (read all the way through to find the invite!). I’ve got Christina […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Atlas Grill

Hello friends! I am like really hungry right now. I probably should eat something, but instead I am going to type out this blog post… about catering… until I pass out from hunger pains. Do you see how much I care about you? Of course I’m only hungry because I just finished chatting with Ken […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Rison Design

Hello friends! Think back for a second, to biology class, do you remember learning about horticulture. You know, the art of garden cultivation and management (*thank you google*). Well, I don’t. I hardly can grow things in my garden without that darn squash plant taking over everything. And you may be wondering what a horticulturalist has […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Megan Mary Events

Hey friends! This week I am so excited to introduce you to my sweet and dear pal, who is also a planner. Because in this business, and in Minnesota (aren’t we lucky) wedding vendors are all about collaboration over competition. Planners are their own beast, we have to know our business well and we have […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet K Solberg Photography

Hello friends! This week we are talking with Kirsten Solberg, owner and lead photographer of K Solberg Photography. If I was a photographer, she’s the type of Minneapolis wedding photographer I’d want to be like. She gets to shoot weddings on weekends, heads up to the cabin with family on her off days, and is […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Hope Glen Farm

Hey friends! This week we are taking a field trip. No, not literally, you don’t need to worry about packing a lunch or getting a permission slip signed. But what owner Paula has to say about Hope Glen Farm will make you feel like you’ve just got to close your eyes (but don’t because this […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Courtney June Photography

Hello friends! This week I’ve got a great photographer, fresh from California, to introduce you to. Courtney, owner of Courtney June Photography, a genuine, goat-loving, go for the gusto vendor who’s got a lot to say but more to show. ALSO we are really lucky to have her this week because she just shot at […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Enticing Icing

Hello friends! This week we are talking with Heather Jurisch from Enticing Icing, I’ve tasted and seen Heather’s creations, so if you trust my judgement, trust that they are tasty. And she’s able to do more than just cakes – adorable tasty little treats of all shapes and sizes and flavors, perfect for any event […]

Getting Married in Minnesota | Meet Your New Blog Series Author

Ordinarily I am not one to brag, but we all know that’s probably a facetious statement. Being the only child of two loving and adoring parents, I am no stranger to attention, particularly the center of it. But for the first blog in a new series, authored by myself, I thought it only fitting to […]